The concept of transformation optics has enabled the design of new devices capable to
manipulate the electromagnetic waves in an unprecedented manner. This new approach is based on
the theoretical result which shows that Maxwell’s equations have the same form whether we apply a
coordinate transformation or introduce specific gradients in the permittivity and permeability of the
original space [1, 2]. This approach was successfully used to design a variety of electromagnetic
devices including electromagnetic cloaks, field concentrators, and lenses [3-8]. Since these devices
are performing exotic manipulations of the electromagnetic field, non-trivial transformation
functions are applied to the initial coordinates system leading to high anisotropic and
inhomogeneous materials in regards of their electromagnetic properties. These requirements can be
fulfilled by exploiting the impressive achievements from the field of metamaterials which allow the
design of inhomogeneous composites with a precise control over their constitutive parameters [9,
10]. Read more

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